BIND PSIMI 1.0 Download

Release 1.0: November 23, 2006

We required BIND data in PSIMI 1.0 in order to use it in cpath, an open source software tool for collecting, storing, browsing and querying biological pathways. Aproximately 1600 BIND data files were downloaded on July 22, 2006 from the BIND ftp site - in BIND XML and converted to PSI MI 1.0 using an xslt, programmed by Ahmet Rasit, a student from Bilkent University who joined us for the summer in the Emililab at the University of Toronto. The BIND data was converted in collaboration with the Emiliab and the Bader Lab.

Conversion Statistics:

Disclaimer: While we have made every effort to accurately convert BIND files, we can't guarantee the accuracy of the conversion. Updates to the scripts are welcome and we will post them on the page. The code and data is provided as is. We will try to reply to messages concerning the code, but can't guarantee our ability to reply to all messages.

Notes about the conversion:

BIND XML fields used for the conversion include: